ATA Launch – Message from our President of Urban Archery Outfitters

Jan 5, 2023 | Company News

The Archery Trade Association Show is the largest and most renowned industry-related show of the year.

We are launching our nationwide rollout at the show in order to make an impact and connections with manufacturers, retailers, and service providers nationwide all within a few days.

Our nationwide rewards program, Big Game Bucks, benefits every member of the Archery Trade Association. The property management and booking arm of our vision is Urban Archery Outfitters so it is the perfect strategic alliance for our launch.

In a few months, we will be launching a sister company that focuses on rural properties and other forms of hunting and or game species. The success and launch here at the ATA 2023 sets the stage for every aspect of our vision.

Our product is the first national rewards program that provides points to our members and in many ways, opportunities to the end consumer, manufacturer, retailer, and service provider. These points will be the primary means to book all properties that we release for hunting in 2023. Eventually, we hope to create such a demand for the value of the points that it transitions into a fiat currency, and end users can increase its value with our marketplace launch.

Our vision incentivizes the consumer to purchase your products and brand awareness no matter what their past beliefs, traditions, or thoughts of methods of hunting are.

Our vision will also generate increased traffic to the over 6,000 retail archery-related retail locations in the United States, starting with the small family-owned locations.

For smaller businesses, with limited financial resources to market or advertise, our vision and business model will provide a more sustainable cash flow – our electronic gift card rewards points program is perfect to improve your seasonal revenue streams.

There is so much more we can share about the many benefits of our vision, mission, and business model. Stop by to introduce yourself at the Urban Archery Outfitters booth – 3623.